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Ink on Paper


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Standard Edition

Ink on Paper: 8.5x11", 68 pages, full color prints and drawings

All works produced by MARK WHY

Text from Ink on Paper:

These photographs show you nothing; yet divulge the poetics of the mundane. They brutally aestheticize and reveal the curious quality of understanding the occupancy of objects or spaces reconstructed onto a two dimensional plane. This complexity is a seductive interplay that examines the sufficiency of depths to be believable; which highlights the difficulties of evaluating the impenetrable forces that govern life in an age of a vast proliferation of digital culture. This work focuses on these ideas and observations with an emphasis on concrete themes and social critiques. Drawings that intertwine between photographs are systematic constructions that inform and analyze their reciprocal intricacies; their situation and substance of dimensionality. Together, this work is a network of investigations between objects, images, and constructions—each critiquing societal forces to resist the seeming flatness of the world.

These drawings are created with a Pilot G2 pen on a USC801 Plotter; it’s ink on paper.